ښه راغلاست
ښه راغلاست
Soo dhawow
Bi xêr hatî
Brian Coffman

Vice President, hrQ Inc. Vice President

Brian Coffman

Brian has been involved with PLI since 2017. He joined the Board of Directors in September, 2019 and became Vice President of the Board in July, 2020. Brian is an active participant in local and global projects with his church and serves as a volunteer with PLI, growing their men’s program.

He brings 20+ years of Professional Search, Operations Management and Human Resources experience to our Board of Directors, with the common thread being his passion for interacting with others, building new relationships and enabling the success of those around him.  His approachable, helpful and personable style builds trust and confidence and has enabled him to personally deliver top-tier professional services and lead top billing consultants.  

A native Texan, Brian has spent 15+ years living and working outside the U.S. and is married with two girls.