ښه راغلاست
ښه راغلاست
Soo dhawow
Bi xêr hatî

Women's Program Support Team

Becca Pedersen

Becca has worked as an administrative assistant at a pregnancy center, taught ESL classes with the Harris County Public Library, and run a small bread-baking business.  In 2017 God gave her a desire to serve people from other countries, so she completed a TEFL course in hopes of working as an English teacher overseas.  In 2019 she heard about PLI and was excited to have an opportunity to serve the immigrant community by volunteering as an English teacher.  

In 2020 Becca began the internship program with PLI.  As an intern she teaches classes, spends time in the community, reads books, meets with staff for training and mentorship, and helps out with extra tasks.  In her free-time she likes hanging out with her family, going to church, having parties, being outside, cooking, dancing, and singing.