ښه راغلاست
ښه راغلاست
Soo dhawow
Bi xêr hatî
Alison Haver

Board Member

Alison Haver

Alison learned about PLI in the spring of 2021 when she was recruited to volunteer for the special International Women’s Day event. She has always wanted to work with the immigrant and refugee community and was delighted to see what PLI was doing. She realized the need in Houston and wanted to volunteer. Being a retired ELA (English Language Arts) teacher, she jumped at the chance to teach ESL for PLI’s 21-22 school year.

Alison has a diverse professional background, starting in chemistry and earning a BBA in Marketing. She worked in sales for a Fortune 500 company and then ran public relations for a Chamber of Commerce. Then she dove into the world of writing and published her first book, When Love Turns to Fear: Answers from an Abuse Survivor. She then traveled the U.S. talking to various groups to share her information on avoiding or dealing with unhealthy dating or marriage relationships. Alison then became a TEA Certified 4-8 Generalist and taught ELA for 12 years at FBCA (Fort Bend Christian Academy).

She retired in 2018 but still has a part-time tutoring business. She also has other books in the works and recently completed a historical fantasy fiction novel she’s preparing to market to traditional publishers.