ښه راغلاست
ښه راغلاست
Soo dhawow
Bi xêr hatî
Melody Ruddell

ESL Program Support

Melody Ruddell

Melody graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University with a Bachelor of Science in Secondary English Education. After graduating, she taught high school English for several years before transitioning to the corporate world of BP in 2011. There, she managed learning programs related to mental health and resilience, communication and influence, and diversity and inclusion. She joined PLI as the ESL support team in August 2021.

She has volunteered with PLI and Houston Welcomes Refugees in the past, and she has been volunteering with New Horizon English, which teaches English to Spanish-speakers, since 2019. She also co-leads a Be the Bridge group, a group composed of multi-ethnic women who meet to talk through issues of racial injustice and to seek healing and reconciliation for themselves and for their communities. She is passionate about seeing each one of God’s image-bearers walk in the fullness of their calling in His Kingdom.

In her free time, Melody enjoys spending as much time as she can with her friends, traveling, trying to learn Spanish, and perfecting her challah-baking skills.